About VoiceMeUp VoIP Services

VoiceMeUp is a VoIP Service provider available to commercial customers anywhere in the world.

Our main objective is to assist you into the deployment of your voice communications for your enterprise. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of VoIP services to address your needs.

Our voice over IP platform has been made available to the public early in 2006, but services has been used by our clients since 2005.

The services offered by VoiceMeUp have been developed and are operated by Internet Infinity, a consulting and development firm located in Montreal.

High-Quality Network

VoiceMeUp's services relies on a high-quality, redundant network and hosted at the iWeb DataCenter located in Montreal.

Both incoming and outgoing traffic is linked to important upstream suppliers that connects to hundreds of exchang partners wich assures a constant Internet connection, superior diverse routing and the bottom line: increased Internet efficiency.

Network Peer1 Tata Communications Cogent (Backup only) Videotron Level 3 Deutsche Telekom

Reliable Hardware and Software

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