• Q: Can I test your service before signing up?

    You must open an account (free) to test the service. If you select the "Essential A La Carte" calling plan, it will allow you make outgoing calls and charge you for your usage. You are required to add funds to your account to activate the plan.

    There is no commitment/contract to sign. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied (we will refund any remaining unused funds above $5).

    Please note that we operate on a prepaid basis and you must have funds available to your account in order to make calls.
  • Q: What is Fax2Mail?

    Fax2Mail is a service that enables a faxed document to be received by email. The document is faxed as usual, but an electronic copy of the document is received as an email attachment.

  • Q: Do you support faxing using the T.38 protocol?

    T.38 protocol has been officially supported since 2011-11-15.

    It is therefore possible to increase fax reliability by using a T.38 compatible analog adaptor to connect a physical or virtual fax machine.

    Here is a list of hardware and software that has been officially tested so far:


    • SPA112 / SPA122


    • SPA2102
    • SPA8000


    • HT286 / HT287


    • Asterisk v1.8.x
    • Asterisk v10.x


    • Brooktrout® Fax Service Provider Software

    There are many other compatible devices out there that we have not officially tested.
    This does not mean that the program or item used is not compatible.

  • Q: Do we provide residential services?

    Yes, but the person must have some technical knowledge and be able to follow procedures to configure their phone and router.

  • Q: Owner of DID number.

    All phone numbers purchased or ported with us remains the sole property of the customer unless you cancel it.

    Be sure to contact our team to advise us of any steps taken to move in or out your phone numbers. Also make sure that your account balance has the necessary funds to allow for the porting process.