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What systems are supported ?

We currently Include Basic Support for : ATA's , Pap2. and Softphones

What equipment requires paid support ?

Openpbx, Freeswitch, Asterisk
(Any Version),
3rd Party Addons (Trixbox,Freepbx,Asterisk@Home)
NCH product line.
Support and Consultation
There are 3 levels of support:
Level 1
($91.40 USD / hour)
Level 2
($108.80 USD / hour)
Level 3
($126.20 USD / hour)
Connecting Operational Customization
Basic configuration
Connecting to provider
Codec Issues
Firewall / Router Setup
Nat Issues
Dialplan Logic
Compiling Issues
Custom Dialplans
Note: Our services are billed per blocks of 15 minutes.

Remote Assistance

Once you have chosen and purchased one or more hours of support you require, then Call us at 514.312.7030 or 1.800.270.9056 to schedule your assistance.

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We are partners and certified consultants for the following brands and products:
Mikrotik 3CX Yeastar
Certified ITSP