Phone Numbers
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Get as many phone numbers that your business requires without paying for additional lines that your local phone company would require.

You can select your Local Phone Number from many area codes, see availability for more details.

  • Local Phone Number
    $4.30 USD / month
    Local numbers allow you to receive calls in the region of your choice and are accessible internationally.
    or as of our volume princing

    + Usage charges depends
    on plan or volume
  • Toll-Free Phone Number
    $4.30 USD / month
    Our Toll-Free numbers are accessible from USA and Canada and allow your callers to contact you free of charge.
    or as of our volume princing

    + Usage charges: 0.0390 / minute
  • International Phone Number
    starting from
    Show your presence overseas with our selection of international phone numbers. Usage fees apply.
    $6.05 USD / month
  • Number Portability - Port Request
    $13.00 USD
    Port your existing local phone number or toll-free number.
  • Bulk Number Portability
    $75.00 USD
    For 3 to 15 DIDs from the same rate center and carrier
  • Number Portability - Cancellation
    $30.42 USD
    Port request cancellation after request was sent to carrier
  • Vanity Request - Local Number
    starting from
    Custom selection and order of local phone number.
    $43.50 USD
  • Vanity Request - Toll-Free Number
    starting from
    You may request a specific toll-free number if it is available.
    $43.50 USD
  • Local Number Cancellation
    $4.95 USD
    Cancellation fees applies when you wish to remove a Local Number from your account.
  • Toll-Free Number Cancellation
    $4.95 USD
    Toll-Free Number Cancellation Fees

SMS Messaging
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  • SMS & MMS Messaging Service Subscription
    $0.45 USD / month
    Enable Messaging Service for SMS & MMS on your DID Number
  • Incoming SMS
    $0.0131 USD
    SMS Messages Received
  • Outgoing SMS
    $0.0152 USD
    SMS Messages Sent
  • Incoming MMS
    $0.0261 USD
    MMS Messages Received
  • Outgoing MMS
    $0.0261 USD
    MMS Messages Sent

Channels / Virtual PRI
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Channels allows unlimited calling for fixed monthly price to all North-American territory covered. If channels are exceeded, extra usage will be billed at the regular rate.

Channels can only be added to Essential On Demand or Wholesale accounts. A minimum of two channels is required.

We reserve the right to adjust the rates at any time for any abusive or inappropriate usage. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Inbound Outbound Bi-directionnal
Per unit $19.95 USD $30.40 USD $26.05 USD
Virtual PRI (23) $339.25 USD $579.60 USD $479.55 USD

Please see our volume pricing available for channels.

Voice Mailbox
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If you are unreachable or VoIP equipment can't be reached in case of internet service interruption, your callers can leave you a voicemail.

Each Voice Mailboxes can send a copy of every single messages trough email (in MP3 format) to allow a better accessibility / management / archiving of all phone messages.

  • Single Voicemail
    $1.25 USD / month
  • Voicemail Bundle (Pack of 5)
    $4.95 USD / month
  • Voicemail Bundle (Pack de 10)
    $7.95 USD / month

Virtual Fax Profile
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Send and Receive your faxes by email wherever you are with the Virtual Fax Service.

This service will allow you to use any of your phone numbers to receive faxes to the email address of your choice.

  • Virtual Fax Profile
    $5.20 USD / month
    Each profile will allow you to enable reception of faxes on any of the numbers in your account.
    + Usage charges depends on plan and/or volume.

Virtual Attendant
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Allow your employees phones to be reachable at anytime with the Virtual Attendant Service

Human intervention is best but, with the help of personalized recordings, this service will allow you to reduce this burden, filter your calls at the source and even receive calls outside of office hours.

See the following article for all details, features and full pricing.

  • Virtual Attendant
    $12.15 USD / month
    Standalone Virtual Attendant Service
    Setup fees starting at $65.00 USD
  • Virtual Attendant (5 users)
    $17.35 USD / month
    • Peers / Trunks - (5)
    • Local Extensions - (5)
    • Voice Mailboxes - (5)
    Setup fees starting at $75.00 USD
  • Virtual Attendant (10 users)
    $21.70 USD / month
    • Peers / Trunks - (10)
    • Local Extensions - (10)
    • Voice Mailboxes - (10)
    Setup fees starting at $75.00 USD

Local Extension
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Tranfer calls between your different phones faster and more easilly with local extension numbers.

Local extentions are usually available only on local phone systems, we are offering you this feature virtually at a fraction of the cost.

  • Single Extension
    $0.75 USD / month
  • Extensions Bundle (Pack of 5)
    $2.95 USD / month
  • Extensions Bundle (Pack of 10)
    $4.95 USD / month

SIP Trunk / PeerPage top

Each VoIP Device or PBX use a peer / SIP Trunk to connect to our systeml, either using SIP or IAX protocol.

  • Single SIP Trunk / Peer
    $1.95 USD / month
  • Peers Bundle (Pack of 5)
    $7.75 USD / month
  • Peers Bundle (Pack of 10)
    $14.95 USD / month
  • MS Teams SIP Trunk
    $13.00 USD / month
    SIP Trunk for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Storage Space (Megabytes)
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Get additional storage space to share amongst services like the voice mail, personalized music on hold and call recordings.

When your storage space included in your plan is exceeded, the extra storage space used will be billed.

  • 1 MegaByte
    $0.0100 USD / month
  • 250 MegaBytes Bundle
    $1.95 USD / month
  • 500 MegaBytes Bundle
    $3.95 USD / month
  • 1 GigaByte Bundle (1024 MegaBytes)
    $7.95 USD / month

Other Services
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  • Music on Hold - Custom Profile
    $2.15 USD / month
    Custom Music on Hold Profile
  • Call Director Profile
    $0.45 USD / month
    Call Director Profile
  • Smart CallerID Profile
    $4.30 USD / month
    Smart CallerID Profile
  • Call Center Queue
    $2.57 USD / month
    Call Center Queue
  • Nomorobo - DID Subscription (Discontinued)
    $0.00 USD / month
    Subscription for DID number to the Nomorobo service
  • N11 Public Services (Call to 211, 311, 511 & 811)
    $0.65 USD / call
    N11 Public Services (Call to 211, 311, 511 & 811)

WhitePages / 411 Directory
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The local phone book and directory assistance service is still used daily by millions of users. For this reason we're offering the ability to list your phone numbers in the WhitePages.

Please read this article regarding WhitePages Subscription for more details about what this service has to offer.

  • WhitePages (411 Directory) - Subscription
    $1.30 USD / month
    Subscription for DID number to be listed in local WhitePages
  • WhitePages (411 Directory) - Change Request
    $13.00 USD / request
    Request to add or update a WhitePages directory subscription.
  • Directory Assistance (Call to 411)
    $1.50 USD / call
    Dialing 411 brings white-page listings help for either local or long distance.

E911 Emergency Service
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It is possible to provision multiple location for your remote offices / agents. Only one access fee will be charged plus provision fees for each additionnal locations.

Please read the article regarding E911 Emergency Service Limitations.

  • E911 Service Provisioning Fee
    $1.35 USD / month
    Additionnal address provisionning fees for E911 Emergency Service fee
  • Unprovisioned 911 Call
    $82.70 USD / call
    911 Call made with unprovisioned account

Other fees and charges
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Some administrative fees applies, please see the list below for details.

  • Interest Charges
    1.5% / month
    Interests charges of 1.5% per month will be charged for a payment that is late.
  • Return Fee
    $30.45 USD / transaction
    An administration fee will be applied for any transaction that is returned.
  • Account Reactivation Fee
    $43.52 USD
    An administration fee will be applied for re-instating an account in collection.
  • Invoice Sent by Regular Mail
    $2.20 USD / month
    Administration fee for sending an invoice by regular mail.