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The DID Number Availability and Portability tool allows you to identify regions and rate centers for which you can order new phone numbers and/or port your existing phone numbers.

DID Numbers Availability and Portability

Search Results Ham-Nord
Country / State / Province: Canada - Quebec
Rate center / Region: Ham-Nord

State / Province Rate center / Region Area Code Availability 1 Portable 2 T.38 3 SMS 4
Quebec Ham-Nord +1 (819) XXX-XXXX Not available No No No

Availability: New numbers in Ham-Nord can be ordered and activated.
Portability: You can keep and transfer you existing numbers in Ham-Nord.
T.38: The Fax Protocol (T.38) will allow faxing to Ham-Nord phone numbers.
SMS: Indicates if Short Messaging Service (SMS) is supported for Ham-Nord.
New: This region has been recently added.


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