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Introducing Sub-Account Management
Published date: 2017.03.21

We’re excited to announce a series of functional changes to our client portal and API, which allows our Resellers for Sub-Account Management. 

These FREE features facilitate the management, tracking, and billing of all of your clients. 
Here’s a summary of what is possible with our new features:

image Call Limits
Limit the numbers of simultaneous calls allowed per client.
image Call Statistics
Display and export statistics grouped by Sub-Account.
image Call Logs
Automate billing of your clients' usage with our API.
Sub-Accounts Setup


Upcoming features RoadMap
Concurrent call usage
This new information will allow you to start billing your own clients for channels, overage, and bursting.
Whitelabel end-customer portal
This premium service will provide your end-customers with a web portal branded to your desired name and allow them to access features such as SMS, e911, Virtual Fax, etc.
Per account usage summary and graphs
This will allow you to easily visualize your clients' usage and understand better the trends and behaviors over time.
These new capabilities help make VoiceMeUp the ideal partner for resellers.
Gain the control and flexibility you need with our new Sub-Accounts features. Give our new functionalities a try and give us your feedback.