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Introducing newest Resellers features
Published date: 2018.11.12

We’re excited to announce a series of changes to our Client Portal, API and Core Routing which extends functionalities of Sub-Account Management for Resellers. 

Here’s a summary of what is newly available:

image Auto-Provisioning
Use the new auto-provisioning system to manage phone configurations more easily.
image International Calling 
Limit which countries your clients can call to and the amount of simultaneous calls allowed.
image Multi-Tenancy
You can now create extensions in the same range as those assigned to other sub-accounts.
image  Dedicated Proxy
A new dedicated proxy service is available if you want to offer Cloud PBX features to your clients.
image  Port Management
Manage your clients' port requests more easily with this new tool.
image  Billing API
Generate reports or automate billing of your clients' usage with our API.
 Manage Sub-Account 
These new capabilities help make VoiceMeUp your ideal partner for reselling.
Please try the new sub-account features and give us your feedback.