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Nomorobo call blocking service
Published date: 2020.11.24

In an age when cellphones and desk phones have become extensions of our bodies, robocallers now follow people wherever they go, disrupting business meetings, church services and bedtime stories with their children. Though automated calls have long plagued consumers, the volume has skyrocketed in recent years, with over 5 billion made last month alone.

While federal lawmakers and law enforcement authorities have adopted measures to curb the tide, robocalls have proven to be a difficult problem to solve.

Nomorobo, as in “no more robo-calls,” is a monthly subscription service that blocks automated scam or telemarketing phone calls. Winner of the FTC Robocall Challenge, Nomorobo is proving to be a tremendous resource in eliminating robocalls, blocking over a billion calls as of today.

Nomorobo™ will be offered for free until January 31st, 2021 and will cost $1.31 USD (or less) per month for each phone number.

To enable this feature in your account, please consult this article.

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