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New Feature - Visual Voice Transcription
Published date: 2023.05.01

New Feature - Visual Voice Transcription

Visual voice (Voice-2-Text or V2T) Transcription is a feature that transcribes voicemail messages or call recordings to text, so that you can read them.

Visual voice transcriptions turns audio messages or recordings into text that are added to your notification.

Traditionally, you would receive a notification alerting you that a caller had left you a message. You then had to play the audio file to hear the message. With visual voice, we can now email you both the audio and text version to you for easy reading, sharing or searching.

You can read them from anywhere, on any device and even while you're in a meeting!

What Visual Voice Can Do For You?

  • Read your voicemail messages
  • Stay Connected to your business while in meetings
  • Forward voicemail transcriptions to colleagues

See the following tutorial to activate this feature for your Voicemails, Peers, DIDs or Extensions:
Transcription - Extract text from audio file