Product Details

Cisco SPA301G1
Basic IP Phone for Business or Home Office
Product Description

Complete SIP Interoperabillity and fonctionality

Based on the SIP protocol the 1-line Cisco SPA301 was tested to guarantee a total interoperability with the world voice over IP (VoIP) equipment leaders. The service providers can offer greater quality richness and defeat all.

Technical Report

With hundreds of features and configurable parameters of service, the SPA301 Cisco meets the requirements of professional users while exploiting the advantages offered by the telephony IP. The SPA301 offers diverse features, in particular easy movements from one station to an other and a display of shared lines.

The Cisco SPA301 uses standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and unobtrusive in-service software upgrades. Remote provisioning tools include detailed performance measurement and troubleshooting features, enabling network providers to deliver high-quality support to their subscribers. Remote provisioning also saves service providers the time and expense of managing, preloading, and reconfiguring customer premises equipment.

Some of the telephone features

• One voice line

• Music on hold

• Call waiting

• Outbound caller ID blocking

• Three-way call conferencing with local mixing

• Multiparty confer. via extern. confer. bridge

• Automatic redial of last calling and last called

• Call pickup: selective and group

• Call swap

• Call back on busy

• Call blocking: anonymous and selective

• Call forwarding: unconditional, no answer, and on busy