Product Details

Grandstream HT502
HandyTone 502 Analog Telephone Adaptor
Product Description

Grandstream HT502 VoIP Adapter

The Grandstream HT502 (a hybrid design) is another versatile money saving option that functions not only as an ATA but a single port switch. This allows you to save on internet drops and buying additional switches.


The Grandstream HandyTone HT502 is the newest in the HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor Series. The Grandstream HT502 offers more powerful feature functionality and significantly better data router performance than its predecessor, as well as a new stylish look and design.

The Grandstream HT502 is based on SIP standard and features:

• 2 FXS ports;

• dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet ports with integrated high performance NAT router;

• port status also message waiting LED;and

• a base stand for vertical positioning.