• Q: Dialing a Toll-free from Toll-free Caller ID Number

    Calls and faxes to a Toll-free destination from a Toll-free Caller ID Number can fail since some Toll-free destinations do not accept calls coming from outside Canada and U.S.A. or a particular region.

    Since your Toll-free CallerID Number is not recognized as being a valid number by the provider of the destination number, the call is being refused.

    You must use a local CallerID Number if you are encountering issues with fax delivery or call routing to a Toll-free destination.

  • Q: What happens to the services associated with a DID number being ported?

    1. Any cascade or sequential routing must be disabled prior to initiating portability. If not, please provide us with exact instructions for each phone number that is a member of this feature (carry or disconnect the number(s) in question).

    2. If your telephone service is coupled to an Internet service ADSL, a dry line has to be ready before beginning a portability.

    3. If your current supplier is a VoIP provider or a telephone provider, you will have to supply us with the LEC (Premise Exchanges Quarryman) associated with the telephone number(s). Contact your current provider so that they may confirm this information.

    4. If the phone number is associated with a cellular telephone service, please provide us with your account number, including your current provider information.

    5. Any attempt of portability with a "failed" portability is subject to a rejection charge for each of the numbers in question.

    6. Numbers must be active during the process. If not, the porting request will be rejected.

    7. For a local number, you must provide the service address, if the service address is different from the billing address on your invoice.

  • Q: Creating a voice mailbox

    Please make sure the following prerequisite has been done:

    • You have media files available in your account. [ See FAQ ] 

    To add voice mailbox, access your account and follow these steps:

    1. Access "Voice Mailboxes" in the "Services" section, via the main menu.
    2. Click on the "New" button. You will be prompted to accept the charges, if applicable.
    3. Insert a "Friendly Name" to label your new entry.
    4. Select a "Sub-Account", if applicable.
    5. Follow the steps below to configure the voicemail settings:
  • Q: What is a DID Number activation charge?

    Most DID Numbers available in our inventory can be activated without any activation fee.

    However, there are some exceptions where the cost of acquisition for obtaining DID number incur additional fees.

    Here is a list of those distinctions:

    • Rare Number, Very Rare Number or Rare Area Code
      Sometimes a specific area code is no longer available for a popular rate center. We pay extra fees to obtain some numbers left, and sometimes even pay for porting existing numbers in order to make those available into our inventory.
    • Exclusive Region
      A number in an exclusive region for which we must pay order fees which are higher than usual.
    • Vanity Number
      It is possible to order a vanity number if it is available. Vanity numbers must not have any specific pattern.
    • Double Digits
      Double Digit numbers should follow one of these patterns: 

    NPA-NXX-AABC (ie:514-312-1123)
    NPA-NXX-ABBC (ie:819-724-4221)
    NPA-NXX-ABCC (ie:416-780-5733)

    • Double Digit Pairs
      A Double Digit Pair number can should follow one of these patterns:

    NPA-NXX-AABB (ie:819-325-1122)
    NPA-NXX-ABBA (ie:418-768-3223)
    NPA-NXX-ABAB (ie:450-926-7979)

    • Triple Digits
      A Triple Digit number can consist of one of the following patterns:

    NPA-NXX-AAAB (ie:212-388-7774)
    NPA-NXX-ABBB (ie:306-468-1222)

    • Quad Digits
      A Quad Digit number consists of a pattern ending with the same digits:

    NPA-NXX-AAAA (ie:905-264-8888)

    Please ask our customer service if you would like to know the cost for ordering a special number.

  • Q: Owner of DID number

    All phone numbers purchased or ported with us remains the sole property of the customer unless you cancel it.

    When porting numbers, we are required to identify the owner of the account and/or phone numbers to avoid fraudulent activity. You are required to provide the owner name.

    Be sure to contact our team to advise us of any steps taken to move in or out of your phone numbers. Also make sure that your account balance has the necessary funds to allow for the porting process.