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  • Q: What's the difference between regular phone lines and VoIP?

    The major difference between VoIP and regular phone lines is the voice transmission mode.

    While regular phone lines use copper wires to deliver the analog signal, VoIP on the other hand uses Internet based networks to transmit a digital voice signal.

    A traditional phone system transfers analog telephone signals between users using copper wires and Public Branch Exchange (PBX) switching systems.

    VoIP delivers voice signals digitally over Internet-based networks. Because it travels through an IP-based network, VoIP doesn’t rely on traditional telephone lines or telephone service providers like Bell or Rogers, making it a less expensive calling solution.

  • Q: Hosted PBX versus local PBX ?

    A local PBX will usually gives you more flexibility than a hosted PBX.

    However, a hosted PBX can make your life much easier in many ways:

    - No costly hardware and software installation or maintenance
    - Fast recovery in case of any disaster at your work place
    - No need for any in-house technician
    - Available from anywhere

  • Q: What are your privacy policies?

    You can view our privacy policies here.

  • Q: Perform a connection quality test from a mobile device.

    You will need to download the mobile application "MyConnection by Visualware".

    myconnection ios app store  myconnection android play store

    The mobile application allows you to do the test on a cell phone for both a Wi-Fi connection or on a LTE/4G connection.

    The screenshots provided are for an Android phone.
    Steps include iOS specifications.
  • Q: Emergency Contact Service
    It is important to know your account ID and PIN code otherwise, you will not be able to use the emergency contact service.
    Your account ID: !!client_account_id!!
    Your PIN code : !!client_pin_code!! 


    ATTENTION: Charges of !!service_pricing|25!! / hour (1h minimum) are applicable for any request deemed NOT URGENT.

    For every emergency call, a support ticket must be opened in order to notify the appropriate department.
    Pease follow the link: Client Contact Form.

    The primary emergency contact service numbers may be reached 24/7:

    VoiceMeUp Service: Dial 611 Option 1, then 5
    Montreal, Canada : +1 (514) 317-9999 Option 1, then 5
    Quebec, Canada : +1 (418) 266-7325 Option 1, then 5
    Toll-free (North America) : +1 (888) 848-6471 Option 1, then 5


    If you are unable to reach us by using the primary numbers, the following is a Last Resort emergency contact number:

    Last resort : +1 (888) 638-8999